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Email Marketing Quick Start Guide
Email Marketing Quick Start Guide
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In order to start email marketing as soon as possible from GlassHive there are a couple of prerequisites that need to be completed. The following will cover those as well as how to complete them.

After completing the following you will have setup two crucial elements of your GlassHive account as well as setting up and sending out your first marketing email.

  • The next step would be to authenticate your Email Domain within GlassHive. Emailing with your DKIM set up appear more legitimate to your recipients and reduces the chance of your email going to Junk or Spam. Malicious spam and phishing campaigns use spoofing emails from trusted domains, setting up your DKIM makes it harder to spoof email from domains that use it.

    In addition, setting up your DKIM helps build a reputation on your domain over time. The more emails you send using best email and delivery practices builds a good sending reputation with ISPs, which in turn helps with email deliverability.

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