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Where to start with GlassHive
Where to start with GlassHive

Here are some of the first things to do when getting started

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Welcome to GlassHive! We’re glad you’re here. Are you ready to ramp up your sales and marketing strategy? Well, buckle up because we’re ready to take you along for the ride!

Here are some of the first things to do when getting started with GlassHive to ensure you start off on the right foot.

1. Enter your information

  • Begin by creating your account. When prompted, enter your name, email, and company. This initial information allows GlassHive to be better customized to your team and the needs you have for your sales and marketing strategy.

2. Set up users

  • Send invitations to the users you want to have access to your GlassHive account. This access gives your sales and marketing team the tools to capitalize on your strategies by looking at real-time results and creating transparency.

3. Upload your lists

  • GlassHive allows you to upload your existing contacts through excel spreadsheets. This feature saves your sales team time and effort since they won't have to manually enter each contact's information one by one. Also, you won't have to bounce between multiple CRMs in order to keep track of your contacts. You can do everything within GlassHive.

4. Enter your branding guidelines

  • Easily enter your brand's logo and colors that will be used with Marketing Collateral and Email Campaigns. The best part about using GlassHive is that you only have to do this one time and the assets you create will automatically use these guidelines to auto-brand your content. Having these in place allow your prospects to recognize your brand and have consistency throughout all your marketing materials.

5. Create marketing assets or use our existing library

  • With GlassHive, you have the capability of creating your own emails, whitepapers, or eBooks. You don't have to be a graphic designer to design eye-catching content that will entice prospects to click on it. GlassHive makes it easy with a drag and drop builder that can easily be saved, edited and downloaded. Do you really not have an artistic bone in your body? That okay too! GlassHive collateral library has pre-built marketing content that is ready to be sent out. Just don't forget to add your Magic Branding!

6. Set up your DKIM

  • DKIM stands for "Domain Keys Identified Mail." It's a way to authorize emails that tells the receiver's email that it was actually sent from that email. This cuts down on the number of emails that are sent straight to a spam inbox which contributes to a high bounce rate. By using this feature, your emails will arrive in more inboxes and have a higher likelihood of being opened and clicked through, so be sure to set up your DKIM.

7. Integrations, like Microsoft 365 and form integration

  • GlassHive isn't a standalone platform. There are added integrations to make the lives of your sales and marketing team easier and more efficient. For instance, your team can integrate programs such as Microsoft 365 that will automatically record follow-up emails sent in Microsoft 365 through GlassHive. With this feature, your team will no longer have to manually enter notes about follow-ups they send since they will already be recorded in GlassHive. This saves time from bouncing between various platforms to achieve one goal. Discover other integrations available with GlassHive:

Get started

Setting up your GlassHive account is easy! We created this platform to make sales and marketing simple and fun. Start using GlassHive to take your sales and marketing to the next level.

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