Setting Up Your DKIM

What is Email Authentication? What is a DKIM Integration? How does the DKIM Integration work?

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The Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) functionality provides an email authentication method to help ensure that a message is not modified while it is in transit and the receiver will still know that the email is coming from you. DKIM is compatible with current email structures and works with SPF and DMARC to maintain multiple layers of security for domains sending emails.

Emails with DKIM set up appear more legitimate to its recipients and reduces the chance of your email going to Junk or Spam. Malicious spam and phishing campaigns use spoofing emails from trusted domains, setting up your DKIM makes it harder to spoof email from domains that use it.

In addition, setting up your DKIM helps build a reputation on your domain over time. The more emails you send using best email and delivery practices builds a good sending reputation with ISPs, which in turn helps with email deliverability.

Set up your DKIM in GlassHive

  • To begin, click on your Profile Icon then select "Account Settings"

  • Next select "Email Auth"

  • From the following screen you will be able to add your email domain into GlassHive.

  • Select "Add Domain"

  • Add all the generated CNAMEs into your DNS account. You might have to wait a few minutes before you click on "Validate" depending on the TTL that is added within your DNS account. GoDaddy can be given a TTL as low as 600 seconds.

  • When entering the CNAME'S it should look like the following:






Ensure when entering the records that there are no additional spaces before or after the host or data lines.

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