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Using Collateral Templates

What are the benefits of collateral templates? How can I use templates included with my subscription?

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Benefits of collateral templates included with subscriptions and shared builds

Templates are easy to use, create consistency across your collateral library, and let you create eye-catching and professional content with just a few clicks. These templates act as supplemental information for sending out to your potential leads. It's a great way to provide educational information that the end-user finds valuable.

Having access to these templates also saves your team hours of designing and writing content. That means you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to create new content. You can easily create duplicate copies of the pre-existing collateral already in GlassHive, such as ebooks and whitepapers, as a starting point.

All in all, collateral templates save your sales and marketing team time and adds efficiency.

How to use the collateral templates included with subscription or shared builds

  1. Go to the Marketing Collateral module, then click on Collateral Builder. There you will find collateral templates included with your subscription as well as any shared builds.

2. When you find a collateral template you want to use, click on Options, you will see a drop down menu with two options.

If you want to be able to edit the template, and make adjustments, click Add to My Builds. The template will be added to My Builds and you will be able to edit the document. When you're satisfied with the document you can publish it and it will be added to your Collateral Library.

If you want to render the collateral template straight to your Collateral Library simply click on Render to Collateral. If it's a big document it might take a minute but you should be able to see the rendered PDF in your Collateral Library.

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