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How To Set Up Non-Graphical Campaigns
How To Set Up Non-Graphical Campaigns

Create plain text campaigns

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1. Click on "Email Marketing" under the Marketing tab

2. Under the Email Marketing tab, Click "Campaigns"

3. Click on "Create Campaign +"

4. Click on "Non-Graphical Email"

5. In this section, you can choose to do a regular email or an A/B test. You can test the Subject lines or Content.

6. You can begin by creating name for the campaign that will help you identify it easier. Update subject lines that can be personalized and insert sender email info. When choosing the content, you can create an email from scratch or choose an existing template. Make sure everything looks correct. Click on "Save & Continue" once you are ready to proceed.

7. You can compose your email and personalize it using the tools shown here.

*You can insert collateral from your library by clicking the book icon.

*You can insert a signature by clicking on the pen icon.

8. You can review and edit your email using this button here

9. You can pick which list(s) this email will be sent out to, then click "Save & Continue" you can then schedule your email to be sent out.

10. To review any emails created that need scheduling, Click on "Drafts"

Please Note: Your emails may look slightly different on various devices/email clientsβ€” but that's okay, your campaign outcome will not be affected.

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