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Uploading a List

Is There a format that List files have to follow?

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Scrub Your Contacts

GlassHive will not scrub or verify your contacts for you. You will need to ensure that the contacts you are reaching out to want to receive your marketing and that they have valid addresses.

A high bounce rate will affect your domain and the deliverability of future emails.

We recommend using BriteVerify or NeverBounce to scrub your contacts before uploading contacts or lists.

This short clip will guide you in uploading your list

How do I create and upload a new List?

  • Select "Lists" from the Contact tab

  • Click on "Upload List" if you would like to upload contacts to a new list.

  • Create a name for your new list. If there is a contact on your file that already exists in GlassHive, you need to select whether you want to keep the contact information as-is or if you want to replace the contact's information with the current file .Then, select "Next"

  • Format your information based on the downloaded sample excel file. Click on Download Sample

  • When uploading a list of contacts to GlassHive the list will need to be in a .CSV format or excel file. Upon upload of the list there are 20 eligible fields for a mapping those being:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Phone

  • Contact Facebook

  • Contact Twitter

  • Contact Linkedin

  • Contact Status

  • Lead Score

  • Company Website

  • Company Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Company Address 1

  • Company Address 2

  • Company City

  • Company State

  • Company Zip code

  • Company Country

  • Company Vertical

  • Company Type

  • Employee Count

  • Device Count

  • Click on "Choose File"

  • The left column are fields in your file and the right column are fields that exist in GlassHive. Go down the list to map First name with First Name, etc. Once you match all the rows select "Finish"

That's it! Keep in mind, that the larger your file is the longer it will take upload.


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