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How can I send my first Campaign? Can anyone from our sales team send campaigns?
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1. DKIM Integration - It is important to update your DNS so that all the campaigns that are being sent through GlassHive looks as though it is still coming from you. See Article on DKIM

2. Brand all your campaign templates. See Article Branding Campaign Templates 

3. Create List(s).You will only be able to send campaigns by selecting which List(s) you want to send them to. See Article Creating a List

With over 60 pre-made campaigns across 20 different services that are written and designed, you have the ability to generate leads now. These campaigns are auto branded with your company logo and color scheme. You will also have the ability to edit these templates.  If you decide you do not want to use one of the pre-made templates, you will be able to create your own templates from scratch. 

1 . Click on "Email Marketing"

2. Click on "Campaigns", then select "Create Campaign"


3.Click on a "Graphical Template", then select "Create Campaign" under options

Click Graphical Email , then Choose either Regular or A/B Test Campaign

  • A Regular Campaign is only ONE campaign that gets sent out to the list(s) you select

  • An A/B Test Campaign is one campaign with TWO different subject lines. You will be able to send a % of both to a small number of contacts in your list. The Subject line that has the most opens will be sent to the remaining contacts of your list


you can use A/B Test Campaign for TWO campaigns that have content that are slightly different. You will be able to send a % of both campaigns to a small number of contacts in your list. The Campaign with the Content that has the most click through will be sent to the remaining contacts of your list

Click on " Next"

Create a name for your campaign, a subject line, and include senders name and email address, then Click "Save & Continue"

To review your campaign, Click on the Edit Icon to make any changes to current campaign

Start by either editing the template you are using or by adding sections to your campaign. You can add Text, Image, Video, Buttons, Dividers, Spacers, and Social Media Links by dragging and dropping any of those items icons on your campaign. Once you are happy with your campaign, you can go to the next step by clicking on "Save"

Now, you will need to select the list(s) you want to send the campaign to. Select "Save & Continue" once you are ready to go to the next step

Review the summary of everything you have done so far. Click on "Save & Continue

9. Schedule your campaign by either sending it "Now" or "Schedule" for a later time and date. Click on "Schedule"

Can anyone from our sales team send Campaigns?

The following roles have access to creating and sending campaigns :

  1. Super Admin

  2. Sales Admin

  3. Marketers

Please Note: Your emails may look slightly different on various devices/email clients but that's okay, your campaign outcome will not be affected.

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