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Understanding the Results of a Campaign
Understanding the Results of a Campaign

Where can I see a campaign's result? What does the data mean?

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You will be able to see the results of your campaigns in two different places :

  • In your Marketing Dashboard

  • and, In your Campaigns page. This page will provide the most detail. 

Understanding the data :

  1. Opens versus Clicks

Opens occur when a 1 pixel image gets downloaded from the email. So, whatever caused the image to get downloaded, essentially. The following are examples of different scenarios that can cause an email to appear as open - recipient deletes the email, a bot causes the 1 pixel image to get downloaded, etc.  That's the only way that the marketing industry knows how to track email opens. It is because of this reason, that GlassHive does not consider opens as a Leads


Clicks can also be triggered by spam or some kind of bot. This is a problem across any digital marketing platform. This may sometimes cause clicks to appear duplicated. The best approach is to reach out to those Leads. In fact, we have seen that the most successful salespeople are those that follow these numbers.  

2. What should the % of Opens and Clicks mean to you?

The average open rate for IT Industry is at 15% with an average of 2.78% click-through rate. If your click through rate is 2% or higher, your campaign could be considered successful. If your click through rate is under 2%, you should consider the following in order to improve your campaigns outcome :

  • Use A/B Testing

  • Keep your campaign short and sweet

  • Create a subject line that adds curiosity 

  • Send a test email to yourself and open it on both desktop and mobile to check format

  • Make your buttons visible without having to scroll down 

  • Use images and videos to catch your prospects attention

  • Tuesday is the best day to send out campaigns, but you could also receive good open/click rates on Monday and Wednesday

  • Best time to send campaigns are 10am - 11am and 8pm-12am

  • Consider adding more prospects by purchasing a list. Eg. MountainTop Data

3. Recipients 

This will not include duplicates or unsubscribes

4. Unsubscribes 

This will include all the contacts that unsubscribed from this campaign

5. Not Opened 

This will include all the recipients that did not open the email

6. Bounces

This will include both soft and hard bounces

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