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Setting up Magic Branding
Setting up Magic Branding

Setup auto-branding. Brand your marketing materials.

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Magic Branding allows GlassHive to brand thousands of marketing and sales assets to your brand in under a minute by setting up your Magic Branding.

  • If you're in the Design Studio, you can set up Magic Branding by clicking the "Set up branding" button. If you are not, you can also always get to your branding settings by clicking first clicking your Account Profile Icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Then from the menu that appears, select "Account Settings".

  • Then, from the sub-menu, select "Customizations"

  • And from this Customizations menu select "Branding".

  • From the Branding page, enter your website's URL.

  • Then, click "Import Brand" to watch the magic happen.

  • Our AI will pick up logos, colors, fonts, button styles, social media handles, and company/contact information. You can click in each section to see what the AI was able to pull.

  • If needed, you can add more or make edits.

  • Same applies with colors and all of the other specifics that were picked up for your brand.

  • Once your branding settings are complete, all the assets in GlassHive will automatically brand to your specifications.

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