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How To Create Non-Graphical Email Templates
How To Create Non-Graphical Email Templates
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Simplifying your message is crucial when you want your content to be the star. Plain text emails are devoid of design elements, which allows your message to shine without any distractions. This simplicity helps you convey your information clearly and effectively.

  • To create a Non-Graphical navigate to the "Design Studio", then select "Email", this will allow the user to create new email templates.

  • Once inside of the Design Studio, the user can select what type of email templates they would like to create.

  • To create a Non-Graphical template select "I prefer to use plain text"

  • After selecting the email builder will appear and the user can then create the email template.

  • The user will be able to name the template, add a subject line, and add it to a category.

  • They will also be able to use the following customizations provided in the template nav bar: Change Font, Insert Personalization's, Change Font Size, Change Alignment, Create Lists, Add Images, Emojis, Bold, Italics, Color Font, Hyperlink, and Highlight any text.

  • You can also add Collateral, and a Users Signature Block.

  • Once the email has been created select "Save" and your template will be created.

  • To locate your template scroll down the page and select "My Creations" this will show all Email Templates created.

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