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Differences between bulk action emails and journeys
Differences between bulk action emails and journeys

How do these features work and in what ways can they be used?

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GlassHive is built for your sales team to improve qualified leads and close more deals. Two of the main features that make this happen are bulk action emails and journeys. Check out how these features work and the different ways they can be used.

What are bulk action emails?

Bulk action emails are a way to send emails to multiple contacts at one time. This saves your salespeople time and increases efficiency because it takes out the manual labor of communicating with prospects. Rather than manually sending out hundreds of emails every day, your sales team can choose a list based on where prospects are in the sales funnel. A message that you would send to a lead you’ve contacted multiple times is different from a message you would send to a prospect you’re reaching out to for the first time.

What are journeys?

Journeys are an interactive way to communicate with your prospects. This process can be automated to better follow up with leads based on a certain action. This feature allows your sales team to know how their leads are interacting with different content. For example, a salesperson will know if a lead opened and interacted with an email because GlassHive records this data. You’re able to better qualify leads based on this real-time knowledge.

Both of these features exist to make the salesperson’s life easier and also improve the sales strategy. Save time and become more efficient in the sales process with bulk action emails and journeys in GlassHive.

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