What is a CRM?

Learn who benefits from a CRM, why you should use one and what it should do for your business.

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A CRM exists to make your life easier. Well, at least it should.

Simply put, a CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” So what does that mean? The obvious would be that it’s a platform used to communicate with your customers. It’s a bit more than that, a CRM is a way to grow your business while maintaining relationships throughout the sales process and beyond.

Having an effective sales process and a well-founded marketing process is vital. With the right CRM, you’re able to have both. A good CRM allows you to integrate your business’s marketing and sales efforts within a single platform. You’ll have the ability to communicate, collaborate, and build all in one place.

Every CRM operates a little differently than the next. Make sure you understand how a CRM can support your business.

Who uses a CRM?

  • Any business with customers benefits from a CRM. It allows for complete visibility and collaboration between sales and marketing enabling your team to be on the same page. The sales team can better track leads and stay on the same page with the progress being made. While the marketing team can create better content and see how end users are interacting with content. Leadership can view certain KPIs and use the CRM to grow the business with these metrics. When everyone knows how to use it and how it can benefit them, your sales and marketing will become seamless.

What should a CRM do?

  • A CRM provides added efficiency and reliability for your team. It should allow you to manage leads, collect data, track customer interactions, and more. It should also have the means to integrate with other platforms, reducing the amount of time it takes to log in to multiple applications and record data.

Why use a CRM?

  • What are the benefits of using a CRM? Improve customer relationships, better customer management, flexible and scalable, sales/marketing team visibility, integrations, etc.

Why you should use GlassHive

  • GlassHive is your all-in-one marketing and sales platform. Gone are the days of using multiple platforms for creating content while also keeping track of where your prospects are in the sales funnel. With access to contact information, notes, and where prospects are in the sales process, GlassHive gives your team visibility to know the best way to interact with prospective and existing customers. That way you can better interact with your contacts and close more sales opportunities in the future.

  • You can quickly gain access to a full collateral library that has tailored content to prospects based on their position in the sales funnel. GlassHive gives you metrics in real-time. So no more guessing about how prospects interacted with your content or failing to follow up. You’ll have everything recorded in one place.

  • Let GlassHive be a simple and fun way to ramp up your sales and marketing strategy.

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