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How To Setup Microsoft 365 Integration
How To Setup Microsoft 365 Integration

How Microsoft 365 works with GlassHive.

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In this new and improved iteration of the integration, you will now authorize GlassHive to access your Outlook inbox and allow us to locate relevant email conversations and log them in GlassHive, allowing your team to work on them together. Direct emails sent from GlassHive will appear in your Outlook sent folder.


βœ“ Send and schedule emails from GlassHive

βœ“ Log email replies to GlassHive automatically

  • To setup the Integration select Account > My Profile

  • From here select Integrations > Add Account

  • You will then select to Sign-in via your Microsoft 365 account

  • Upon completion you should see that your integration is now live and connected.


Does this affect bulk emails?
No, bulk emails are not affected. This only applies to one-to-one follow-up emails.

Will you have access to my entire company's mailboxes?

No, we will only have access to your mailbox.

Does GlassHive capture all emails from my inbox?

No, we only capture emails between your user's email address and contacts in GlassHive with a matching email.

How far back does the integration sync?

The integration will only start syncing emails from the last connection. So if your account gets disconnected and you reconnect it, it won't sync emails from the period of time where the integration was disconnected.

How quickly do emails appear in GlassHive?

You should expect the emails to appear within 10 minutes. If an hour has passed and no activity has occurred, then please reach out to support.

Need Microsoft Admin Approval?

If an admins permission is required to allow GlassHive access follow the link here to learn how to locate the admin access portal.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our support chat.

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