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What is an Activity?

What an Activity is and how it's used in GlassHive.

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Activities are records of actions taken by Users and Contacts. They give you an idea of how your Marketing and Sales efforts are performing, and how active Users and Contacts are.

You'll also be able to tell if a Contact is a Prospect or a Lead based on the kinds of activities associated with their profile.

There are two basic kinds of activities in GlassHive.

Sales Activities
Sales Activities are records of actions taken by Users. Common Sales Activities include:

  1. Emails

  2. Notes

  3. Calls

  4. Meetings

Sales Activities will help you keep track of all the interactions you have with your Leads. Emails and Meetings are recorded automatically if you do the Microsoft 365 integration. Calls and Notes need to be updated manually after every interaction. 

Lead Activities
Lead Activities are records of actions taken by Contacts. Common Lead Activities can include:

  1. Form Submissions

  2. Open Email

  3. Email Click

  4. Open Campaign Email

  5. Campaign Click-Through

  6. Unsubscribed from Email Campaigns


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