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Using GlassHive's Reporting Metrics
Using GlassHive's Reporting Metrics

Increase transparency with real numbers

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Reporting gives your team added insight and transparency across the board. These reports gather information in real-time and can be sorted into different time periods. The numbers don't lie. Having these reports show your sales and marketing team what is working and areas to improve upon.

Marketing reports

These reports are based on the marketing collateral you've sent out. You're able to see how your audience is reacting with certain pieces of collateral that eventually turn into leads.

Leads report

Find out how many leads you've generated and who they are. With this, you won't have to take hours manually sifting through possible leads. You're able to see all the leads you've gathered in the past week or even year.

Easily view:

  • Total leads

  • Total company leads

  • Total hot

  • Total warm

  • Total cold

Campaigns report

Get a high-level overview of how well your campaigns are performing. Depending on the date range this report shows how many campaigns and emails were sent. The number of leads generated along with open percentage and click percentage. These numbers show your team the types of campaigns and emails your audience is interacting with most. This information allows you to form a strategy and build on those initial interactions.

Form submission report

See who is filling out your forms and where they come from. This tool allows you to see form submissions from your website. This saves you time and adds efficiency since you won't have to be constantly bouncing between GlassHive and your website just to check one aspect of your marketing strategy.

Website analytics report

Get a high-level overview of your website traffic. This information shows which pages are visited most, total visitors, types of traffic, bounce rate, and much more. This is a valuable insight into knowing the contributing factors to the success of your marketing and sales strategy.

Sales reports

These reports are extremely valuable for your sales team. These insights show what needs to be met in order to reach the maximum potential out of your sales strategy.

Sales performance reports

Dig deeper into your sales data with both individual and sales team reports. This report records the number of calls, emails, meetings, opportunities, and wins. Having these metrics available gives the entire team transparency while also giving a level of healthy competition for the team as a whole and individuals.

Sales activity report

See how active your salespeople are with this sales activity report. This report shows the average activities per contact that include calls, emails, and meetings. By having solid proof, you're able to see which salespeople are performing the best in the company.

Client solutions roadmap

See how much money is left on the table with unsold services. Your salespeople can easily see which services are offered and the potential they could reach. This allows them to introduce new services to customers increase their sales potential.

Social analytics

This report is a collection of analytics across all GlassHive users. You can use this to guide your actions in sales and marketing initiatives. This aggregation of data allows you to better close sales and better contact prospects.

Email health

Mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook assign a reputation to you based on your sending habits. These analytics will help you determine how well your email marketing strategy is doing.

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