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New Users Invite & Setup
New Users Invite & Setup

How do I create my login username and password? How do I invite users?

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Invite your team!

  • Click on "Account Settings" from the settings menu options

  • Click on "Users"

  • Click on "Invite a User"

  • Input the user's information, signature block, role, and permissions.

  • If the user hasn't accepted the invite yet, you will be able to send them a direct link so that they can set up their password. Hover your mouse over the user and open the drop-down menu to access the link.

  • Once the invite is accepted, hover your mouse over the user and open the drop-down menu in order to edit their information, or to disable them or delete them.

Invite Instructions

You will receive an email invitation. Check both Inbox and Spam mail. If the email invitation goes to your Spam mail, make sure to move it to your Inbox so that you can receive other GlassHive emails directly to your Inbox

  • Click on "Accept Invite"

  • Create a password that satisfies all the requirements. Once you see a green check-mark next to all the requirements, select "Save"

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