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Using integrations in GlassHive
Using integrations in GlassHive

Additional tools for your sales and marketing team

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GlassHive gives you the capability to connect to other platforms that are used for sales and marketing. This helps with better reporting and transparency across the board.

PSA integrations

PSA's such as ConnectWise, SalesForce, and Autotask are all programs that can be easily set up and connected in GlassHive. Having this ability allows your sales team to have the entire sales process recorded before the deal is closed. GlassHive makes that easy to do with journaling each action leading up to the point of sale. All these notes are able to be transferred to your PSA during the final steps of the sales process.


In addition to connecting your PSA, GlassHive also allows you to connect your forms. This is a valuable feature because it tells you which pieces of content users are interacting with and causing them to convert into a lead.


Glasshive is also compatible with various marketing platforms such as Hubspot and Campaign Monitor. These marketing integrations give you additional insight into how your content is performing and ways to make improvements.


Since GlassHive was created to make your sales team's lives easier, you can also integrate Microsoft 365. This integration allows your team to easily record emails sent to prospects. In addition, others on the sales team can see those communications recorded in GlassHive so everyone is on the same page with what has been communicated in the past.

Web and video analytics

Being able to measure the success of your website and video interactions is also important. GlassHive can be connected to Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool to keep track of your website activity. You're able to see how many users are visiting your website, how long they stay on your site, and so much more. Videos are also a great way to interact with prospects. GlassHive allows you to connect to a Wistia account where your videos can be recorded and easily uploaded to GlassHive. That way you don't have to bounce between multiple platforms just to achieve one goal.

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