If I already have contacts in GlassHive and Autotask and turn on the integration, will that duplicate the contacts?
When we move Contacts and Companies from GlassHive to Autotask and vice versa, we do a check to see if that entry already exists. 

  • Contacts check by email address. 

  • Companies check by domain, phone number, and name. 

This check mitigates the risk of duplicates, but there is no guarantee that it will catch all possibilities.

When does my information populate in Autotask?
The integration runs hourly. Due to the volume of some data, it may take longer than an hour to see your information. If your data hasn't shown up within 4 hours, please reach out to support by live chat or

Will form submissions come into Autotask?
Yes! They will appear as an Activity on the Contact that made the submission.

Why are contacts and companies not syncing into AutoTask?

You might be using an API-Only User when setting up the AutoTask Integration. If you are, you need to change it to a Full User. If the contact/companies that you created in GlassHive are still not syncing into AutoTask, contact us at

I did the sync but I'm not seeing any information in GlassHive.
This can be caused by a few things:

  • The sync takes time to pull in all the Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities initially during the first pull of data.

  • You may not be looking in the right place. Contacts brought over from Autotask will not be added to a list. You can see all your Contacts via

If you've waited over four hours and still see no data, please reach out to us via live chat or

Whoa! You recommend a backup before turning on the integration? Why?
The Autotask integration will sync information on both GlassHive and Autotask's side. When you have a large dataset in GlassHive and large dataset in Autotask, there could be a huge disconnect between that data. Thus, when you turn on the integration, it will attempt to merge the differences, taking whichever record is more current.

You can mitigate this difference by uploading an export of your Contacts before turning on the integration. However, there is always a risk when merging large datasets that your Contacts and Accounts can change in ways you don't desire. This is why we always recommend a backup in case you weren't prepared for the changes that may occur.


Autotask integration seamlessly adds GlassHive’s data to your PSA. The following records will be linked with Autotask:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Activities

  • Opportunities

When inserting Companies and Contacts into Autotask, GlassHive will attempt to find existing records based off matching key values:

  • Companies (Phone > Website > Name)

  • Contacts (Email)

The Integration will only insert new records in GlassHive or AutoTask, but will NOT update information

This is what Accounts will look like:

This is what Contacts will look like:

This is what Activities will look like:


Do you have some records in Autotask you’d like to add to GlassHive? Here are the records you can sync from Autotask:

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Opportunities

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