GlassHive to HubSpot

HubSpot integration seamlessly adds GlassHive’s data to HubSpot . The following records will be linked with HubSpot:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Activities

  • Opportunities

When inserting Companies and Contacts into HubSpot, GlassHive will attempt to find existing records based off matching key values:

  • Companies (Phone > Website > Name)

  • Contacts (Email)

After the records have been inserted in or linked to GlassHive, HubSpot data will remain in sync, even as changes are made in GlassHive and vice versa.

HubSpot to GlassHive

Do you have some records in HubSpot you’d like to add to GlassHive? Here are the records you can sync from HubSpot:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Deals

  • Campaigns

  • Lead Activities

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