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What is a Contact?

What a Contact is and how it's used in GlassHive.

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A Contact is the main driving force in GlassHive. Most analytics will revolve around Contacts and how you manage them. A Contact in GlassHive represents a physical person. Each Contact has, in addition to other fields, the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name 

  • Email address 

  • Phone Number

  • Title

A simple indicator of the current status of the contact in the sales pipeline. Please note, this field does not affect whether or not a Contact is considered a lead. E.g. Talking, Not Interested, etc

Buyer Role
A simple indicator of the Contact's ability to make decisions with buying opportunities. Try to find decision makers for your sales team!

Interacting with a Contact

You can make several changes to a Contact's record that will make your life easier as a Marketer or Salesperson. Assign a Company to better understand if their business is a good fit, see all the marketing they've interacted with in the past, review their full history to know who has already contacted them, or record sales opportunities when things are looking good.

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