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What is a List?

What Lists are and how they're used in GlassHive.

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  • Lists are a collection of Contacts grouped together and given a name. They allow you to group similar Contacts to make it easier to focus your marketing efforts on common themes, preferences and needs.

  • They can be leveraged to segment contacts based upon criteria of the users choice. These can range anywhere from where the contacts are located, company vertical, event leads etc...

  • Lists also determine which Contacts are considered Leads. If a Contact is part of a List that has been marked as a Leads List, it means those Contacts are deemed to be Leads.

  • Upon upload of any list you are able to designate if the list is going to be deemed a leads list.

  • You can also toggle any lists that have been created in GlassHive to be Lead lists or not. By selecting the "LEADS" toggle to either on/off will dictate if the contacts contained are deemed Leads or not.

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