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Contact Status
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Adding a Status to your prospects will make it easier for you to identify your prospects. For instance, if you have been exchanging emails or calls with a prospect, you can add a status of "Talking" for them

  1. Go to the contact's profile page. Click on drop down menu 

IMPORTANT: If you already have contacts with an assigned status, it might get affected depending on the changes being made (e.g. If you are editing your Qualified Status to Talking, all your current contacts with the Qualified Status will be converted to Talking)

1. Click on the "Edit Icon"

2. Under "Status" select the drop down menu, then click on "Manage Statuses"

3. Create, edit, and select a color to represent your status. 

or you can click "Add New" , to create a new status, then click "Save Contact Status"

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