Emails can be sent to your contacts without ever leaving GlassHive. You also have the ability to see when your contact opens or clicks on your email . That's your chance to reach out them!

What do I need to Setup in GlassHive in order to send my first email?

  1. Check out the article DKIM

  2. Check out the article Office 365 Integration

  3. Check out the article Signature Block 

  4. Check out the article Collateral Library.

How do I send an email in GlassHive?

1.Go to your Contacts Profile page. Click on the "Send Email" button

2. Input your subject line and the text of the email body

3.  Insert email template to your email by clicking on the "Text Templates" icon or the "Graphical Emails Template" icon

4. Insert files from your collateral by clicking on the "Collateral" icon 

5. Insert your signature block by clicking on the "Signature" icon

6. Schedule, save as a draft or send your email

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