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Can I send videos in one-to-one emails?
Can I send videos in one-to-one emails?

Why should I add videos and links to my emails?

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Can I send videos in one-to-one emails?

Yes you can! there a re a few way this can be done. Follow these easy steps to start sending your videos through one-to-one emails :

  1. On Wistia you can right click on the video you want to include in your email. Select "Copy link and thumbnail"

2.On your Campaign where you wish to place your video right click and select paste (Shortcut: ctrl+V). This should insert the video thumbnail and the title of the video both linked to the video.

3. If you wish to change the link on the thumbnail, image or the linked text simply select the image or text and the options window will appear. Select the "Edit Link" icon and a field to change the text and URL link will appear. Once changes are done select "Update" to apply changes.


1. On the toolbar Click on the "Insert Link" icon and a drop down window with a field to place "Text" and "URL link" will appear. Paste the video link on the URL field and wright down the what you wish to be linked to the video on the Text field and click "Insert" when finished.

*NOTE* Unless you are able to "Copy link and thumbnail", the video links added to campaign will NOT insert the video thumbnail on the campaign. If this is the case you will have to insert the thumbnail as an Image then add the link to the video form the "Edit Link" option on the image.


  1. Add a video directly from your Collateral Library by clicking on the "Marketing Collateral" icon at the bottom of your campaign.

2. Select the video you want to insert, then at the bottom click the "Select" button.

Why should I add videos and links to my emails?

GlassHive will change their lead score and classify them as leads if they click on your videos or links. That will be your opportunity to reach out to those prospects.   

For more information on sending one-to-one emails click here or contact us at

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