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Utilizing the Design Studio
Utilizing the Design Studio
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The Design Studio is where you can access all of your templates you have created as well as hundreds of Auto-Branding templates provided to you via GlassHive and other Vendors. Through the design studio you can create and execute content from email campaigns, landing pages, whitepapers and more!

  • The Design Studio will be the first page you see when you log into your GlassHive account. If you're on another page, you can get there by first clicking the Design Studio menu icon.

  • Then, click the "Home" button.

  • Once in the Design Studio, you will see all the options for content you can preview and use.

  • The content options include Email, Landing Pages, Collateral (eBooks, whitepapers, etc.), Journeys (automations), Marketing Plans (email bundles), Social Media posts, and Files such as videos or call scripts.

  • Click on an icon for the type of content you wish to see.

  • This will take you to the library for the specific type of content you wanted to see.

  • Here you can even look at content broken down into different categories.

  • To preview any type of content and see your branding applied, hover over the thumbnail and click the Preview icon.

  • NOTE: In order to see your branding applied, you have to first set up your Magic Branding. If you have not done that yet, see this article for instructions.

  • From the preview window, you'll see a preview of that piece of content with your branding applied. You can scroll through to see the full length of any piece, and if you like what you see, you can click the "Use This Design" button which will take you to the respective Builder for that type of content.

  • If you want to browse all the content types at one time, click the "Browse All" button.

  • You'll then be taken to the Browse All page where you can apply filters to see content types, themes, subjects, etc.

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