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How To Use the Collateral Builder

Design and build your own documents

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The collateral builder in GlassHive allows you to create content that is consistent with your brand guidelines and messaging. This feature makes creating content simple and fun.

From whitepapers to newsletters, GlassHive's collateral builder gives you the freedom to write and design content the way you want. With this ability, you're able to create new and updated content as needed for your sales and marketing strategy.

The other benefit of the collateral builder is that after your team creates new content, the file is added to the collateral library giving your entire team access to use the collateral as needed. The content can also be downloaded to an individual's desktop to be used.

Important Keys for building and designing documents faster:

  • Use arrow keys to move elements

  • Shift key + arrow key for finer control when moving elements

  • Mac users can use CMD key to undo/redo elements

  • Select multiple elements by holding down Ctrl

1. Click on "Marketing Collateral"

2. Click on "Collateral Builder"

3. Click on "Add Collateral Build"

4. Create a name for your collateral build and select a page size then
Click "Save & View Collateral"

5. Build your collateral using the Elements of Text, Image, Button, Shapes, Pagination, and Company Logo


6. Add more Pages to your build or change the order of your layers

7. Save your changes and Download a PDF or add it to your Library

Want more information on how to use the Collateral Builder? Then click on the button below and check out these helpful tips!

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