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Important items to complete before your sales team starts reaching out to leads
Important items to complete before your sales team starts reaching out to leads
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  1. Setup your DKIM - This will ensure that all emails sent from your account will use your domain (Click Here to learn more)

  2. Setup Microsoft 365 integration - This will automatically save all emails and meetings from your outlook into your GlassHive account. This will eliminate the need for your sales team to manually input these activities (Click Here to learn more)

  3. Import a list of leads - This will help your team get started

  4. Invite your team - This will give your sales team access to the account. Make sure they are all able to log in. 

  5. Assign contacts - assign all the contacts that you currently consider to be prospects before sending out your first campaign. Your sales team will receive a notification through email when one of their assigned leads click-through the campaign

  6. Create standard contact statuses - this will help you create a more consistent sales process and will allow you to see the different stages that all the leads are currently in 

  7. Upload collateral - having all your collateral in one place makes it easier and faster to include in emails when reaching out to prospects. Always insert your collateral into emails as a link

  8. Create 121 templates - sales team will have access to all the 121 templates that an admin creates or marketer, but they will not be able to create their own templates if they have a salesperson role. Also, create categories to help your sales team identify the type of content each template contains.

  9. Scrub prospects - Have your sales team scrub all the contacts that are assigned to them and update any information. This will help clean up your list and validate information. Have your team add statuses for all the contacts as they scrub 

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