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Setting Up & Managing The HubSpot Integration
Setting Up & Managing The HubSpot Integration

How HubSpot works with GlassHive.

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How does the integration work?

Users will be able to import/export records by matching (or mapping) types. Importing will take an hour or more depending on the amount of records the user has in their HubSpot. Exporting will be faster than the import since only one contact/company will be uploaded at a time and could take a few seconds to several minutes.

This process is not automatic. Users need to click on import every time they want records to get imported from HubSpot into GlassHive. To export from GlassHive into HubSpot, users will need to go into the specific company and contact profile page to be able to export the records. You cannot bulk export records since the key here is to avoid sending clutter to HubSpot and only send records that have an opportunity attached to them.

⚠️ Important: Whoa! You recommend a backup before turning on the integration? Why?

We highly suggest that you perform a backup of your data before turning on the integration!

The HubSpot integration will sync information on both GlassHive and HubSpot's side. When you have a large dataset in GlassHive and large dataset in HubSpot, there could be a huge disconnect between that data. Thus, when you turn on the integration, it will attempt to merge the differences, taking whichever record is more current.

You can mitigate this difference by uploading an export of your Contacts before turning on the integration. However, there is always a risk when merging large datasets that your Contacts and Accounts can change in ways you don't desire. This is why we always recommend a backup in case you weren't prepared for the changes that may occur.

HOW HubSpot ➡ GlassHive WORKS
The import will be done under your account settings

You must complete all the mapping in the following order : Connection ➡ Users ➡ Companies ➡ Contacts ➡ Opportunities ➡Activities

Every time you choose to import, you must go back to your account settings and click "Import" in the following order : Companies ➡ Contacts ➡ Opportunities ➡Activities


  • Add your credentials and check if they are valid


  • Import users by selecting role type. E.g. "No Types, Marketer, Salesperson,..."

  • You must click on "Invite" under your account settings, every time you want to invite new members. This will also link GlassHive users and HubSpot users that have the same email addresses for their accounts


  • Import companies by selecting company type E.g. " Prospects, No Type, Client,..."

  • If the company has several company types, GlassHive will only use the first company type to identify the company

  • Unlinked companies will be linked if the following matches : Phone Number ➡ Website URL ➡ Name. This will prevent duplicates


  • Import contacts by selecting contact type. Eg. "No Status, Talking,..."

  • Contacts will be added to the list that was created based on the company type that the contact is associated to

  • Contacts that are not a part of a company will also get imported


  • Opportunities will only be linked to the salesperson if the salesperson exists in both GlassHive and HubSpot. All opportunities will download with or without having a salesperson linked to the opportunity.

  • Only the Name and GlassHive opportunity status will get updated


  • Activities can only be mapped to Call, Email, Note, and Meeting

  • The Contact in HubSpot that has an activity will only get downloaded if the contact exist in GlassHive. If contact does not exist in GlassHive, the contact must get downloaded first.

  • Activities created in HubSpot must be created by a user in GlassHive

    HOW GlassHive ➡ HubSpot WORKS

    The export will be done under the Contact/Company Profile Page

You will be able to export directly from the Company or Contacts profile page. All your mapping must be completed to be able to export records.

Contact Export:

  • To export a contact profile from GlassHive into HubSpot click "Send to HubSpot" then you have the ability to select what data you would like to send from GlassHive to HubSpot.

Company Export:

  • To export a company profile from GlassHive into HubSpot click "Send to HubSpot" then you have the ability to select what data you would like to send from GlassHive to HubSpot.

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