Marketing Plans
What is a Marketing Plan?
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Marketing Plans are used to segment a collection of campaigns to make it easier to manage your various marketing initiatives. Whether it be by quarter or by topic, using a marketing plan makes the scheduling of multiple campaigns much more manageable.

  1. Click on the "Automation" icon

2. Click on "Marketing Plans"

3. Click on "Create Plan" button

4. Create a name for your Marketing Plan, a description that helps you identify the types

5. Hover your mouse over a date. Then click on the "+" sign

6. Select the type of campaign you want to send out as well as the type of testing, then Click on "Next"

7. In this step you will need to create a name for you campaign, the subject line for your email, input the sender information, select lists you want to send the campaign to, and build your campaign from scratch or choose a template to work from. Once all the fields are completed, click on Save and Continue. Decide whether you would like to send the email "Now" or "Schedule" for a later day/time. You will then be able to see the campaign under your calendar.

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