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The Document Builder can be used to create auto-branded, beautifully designed e-sign documents such as, proposals, agreements, reports, memos, financial statements, and more. Included features such as graphics, design elements, pre-loaded templates, editing functions, customization capability, and collaborative functionality.

  • To access the Document Builder select "Sales" > "Document Builder" - from here you can either choose Overview or Templates. Selecting Overview will allow you to create a new document from scratch as well as view the status of any document inside of the account. Selecting Templates will allow you to view any templates they may have created or access any "Included with Subscription" templates. For training purposes this article will cover creating a document from scratch.

  • After "Overview" has been selected, select "Create a new Document" this will bring up the document details such as name, category, recipients of the document, and if there will be a signing order. When entering the recipients of the document you can select multiple recipients where you will have the ability to send to users/contacts inside of your account or custom recipients.

  • Completion of this will bring up the drag & drop Document Builder.

*NOTE* In the top right corner of the screen there is a 3 point button called "More Options" this will allow you to download the document you create as a PDF or DOCX file. You can also save the document as a template, print it out, or delete it and start from scratch.

  • There are 8 areas found in the Document Builder's navigation menu: Elements, Templates, Doc Info, Settings, Styles, Pages, Recipients, and Activity.

The Elements:

  • The Elements tab is the base of the Document Builder allowing you to build and customize the document. All of the elements are drag and drop similar to our other builders and allow for a great range of customization.

  • For images, you add image links, adjust the image size, alignment, and spacing.

  • For videos you can now adjust the size of the video on the page, its alignment, and spacing.

Differing from our other builders is the introduction of 4 new elements unique to the Document Builder:


  • This allows you to create quotes within the builder utilizing solutions. To add these solutions select "Add a Solution", this will allow you to add already created solutions to the quote, but also create and add new ones.

  • Once all the solutions have been added to the quote you have the ability to also add in tax and any discounts they would like to provide the customer.

Text Field:

  • This allows you to add text field entries to their document, this can also be customized to be a required field as well as the ability to select a specific recipient of the document to fill out the field.


  • This allows you to require the recipient of the document to sign before completion.


  • This allows you to create checklists on the document as well as the ability to require the checklist be complete before the document can be submitted.


  • This allows you to import templates they may have created into the document they are currently working on. In the screenshot below a previous quote was saved as a template that template can then selected and imported into the document that you're currently working on.

Document Info:

  • This gives you information regarding the document's creation, its status, the categories its included in, the document expiration date, and any auto reminders that have been setup.


  • This allows you to set an expiration date of the quote, as well as any auto reminds they would like to setup to send and the cadenced the reminders will be sent out at.


  • This is the area where you can customize the color scheme as well as the text of their document. Customizations include headers, text, button styles, and background images and colors. Your auto-branding settings will already be applied here by default, but you can manipulate the settings for this particular document if needed.


  • This allows you to quickly preview their document, drag & drop pages to edit the order of the document, as well as select what page they would like to navigate to.

  • You can also access an action menu for each page in which you can duplicate, delete, or can edit the settings of the selected page - such as back ground color, gradient background colors, a background image, as well as layout and spacing.


  • This allows you to manage recipients of the document as well as determining if the document will be having a signing order.


  • This gives a breakdown of what actions have been done to the document, and by who.

  • Once the document has been created, edited, and the recipients chosen, you can now preview the document before sending.

  • To preview the document select "Preview" in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a separate page in which your document can be previewed.

  • After previewing the document and making any necessary changes, you can now send the document. On the builder page in top right corner select "Save and Send".

  • This will bring up the "Email Editor" where you can customize the email the contact will receive. Customizations include: Who is sending the document, The Logo, Preheader, Email Title, Email Message, Button settings & styles.

  • Once the document has been customized to your specifications it can be sent to the recipients by selecting "Send" in the top right corner of the screen.

  • After the document has been sent you can view the status of the document under the Documents Overview page.

  • Upon opening and signing, the status of the document will update to completed and a completed copy will be saved in GlassHive, and all the recipients will get their own copy of the completed document.

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