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Creating & Using Solutions
Creating & Using Solutions
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Solutions allow the user to create predefined line items inside of opportunities as well as using them inside of the document builder.

  • To create line items select "Account" > "Account Settings" > "Customizations" > "Solutions"

  • Once the "Solutions" category has been opened select "Add New Solution" this will bring up the solution creator where the user can define the Name, SKU, Categories, Description, Product Image, Price, Cost, Margin, and Billing Cycle.

  • Once the solution(s) have been created they can now be added to an opportunities and documents (proposals, etc.)

Learn more about creating opportunities here: Create, Edit, and Delete Opportunities

  • After creating the opportunity - at the bottom of the opportunity editor select "Add a Line Item". Adding line items will allow the user to add their newly created Solutions.

  • The user can select as many solutions as necessary to complete their opportunity. Once the line items have been added to the opportunity they can be edited if needed by selecting "Edit Line Items".

  • The editor will allow the user to quantity, unit price, unit cost, unit discount, billing cycle, and the term of the agreement.

  • After finalizing the agreement the user can select "Save Opportunity" to log the opportunity.

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