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Sales Activities Management and Tracking
Sales Activities Management and Tracking
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Managing your sale's teams activities is important to know not only to provide more context on where every deal is headed but also allows for an opportunity to look at ways to streamline each activity as well as the consequent activities related to it.

  • You can see how your sales team is performing as a unit but going to your "Sales" tab then selecting "Dashboard". This will show what your sales team's quotas are, as well as give you an aggregate of the sales activities they are performing. Also visible under the Dashboard is a total of the sales team's activities completed for the month. Each one of these sections has an area where you can select "View" and see all the specific activities completed for that month.

  • If you want to look at a salesperson's KPIs/quotas, you can see how your individual sales professionals are working towards them by going to your "Sales" tab then selecting "Sales Team", and from there you can select a sales professional and view their individual quotas.

  • Another way to view activities completed by a sales person is to view activities of a contact from the contact tables. To view these navigate to a contact table and locate the column called "Activities". Select "Activities" and a pop-up window of the most recent activities completed will show.

  • For a more in-depth view of the activities completed, you can go to a contact's profile and see every completed activity for the lifetime of the contact. To get the most granular view of activities, you can click the "+" button to the left of the activity and that will expand to show all the details that were logged.

  • Another way to manage your Sales Team as well as Individuals is to view the sales reports. Reports can be used if you're wanting to view data for your sales team within a particular time frame. To access these reports select the "Reports" tab then select "Sales Reports"

  • From here you can select "Sale Performance Reports" or "Sales Activity Reports" to view data relevant to sales activities that were performed.

  • The Sales Performance report allows you see an in-depth view of your sales team as a whole or be able to view individuals as well. The reports can be also filtered by segments of time. Reports are exportable via PDF or Excel.

  • The Sales Activity report shows an in-depth report of how your sales team has been interacting with clients. You can break this down into segments of time as well as individual sales people. These are exportable via PDF or Excel.

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