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Sales Dashboard

What data is in the Sales Dashboard?

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1.To reach the Sales Dashboard click on the "Sales" icon located on the left side followed by the "Dashboard" tab.

Form here you will find the following information.

2. The Total Aggregate Data houses Company Leads, Meetings, Opportunities, and Wins and displays the Total from beginning of time.ย 

3. The full amount of all the opportunities won will be reflected under the Total Revenue Impact.

4. The Sales Quota provides an overview of the sales team monthly quota versus the actual opportunities that have been created for the month.

5. Activities summary are very important because it will help you understand how many calls, emails, notes, and meetings are needed on a monthly basis to meet the quota.ย 

6. Top performers identifies which team members have strengths in certain areas.

7. Conversion rates helps you understand how many leads are needed to create meeting, opportunities, and wins

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