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Social Media Posting

How to create posts, schedule them, and post to integrated social media accounts

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If you have yet to integrate your social media accounts with GlassHive, please check out the article Social Media integrations.

  • To access social media click on the "Marketing Icon".

  • Then select "Social Media".

  • From here you can preview pre-made content by clicking "Post Templates".

  • Or you can start from scratch by going to "Posts".

  • Then click "Create a New Post".

  • The widget that pops out will have options where you can also start fresh, but also from a previous post or a template. Choose your option and click "Next".

  • Choose a name for the post and which social media account(s) you want to post to.

  • Edit the text for the post and choose what media you want it to include. You can post multiple photos or one video, and you can access the media by clicking the Upload button which will open your file finder, or you can choose from content already in your GlassHive account by clicking the Library button. You'll see the preview of your post on the right which will update as you make updates in the editor on the left. Depending on the size and format of the media you choose, the preview may look slightly different than what it would look like when it's posted. For example, if a large photo looks cut off in the preview, the full photo will still post on the actual social post.

  • Once you're ready to move forward to the next step, you can click "Save and Go To Next Step", or you can click "Save" if you want to save your work and go back to it later in the drafts.

  • If you chose to go to the next step, you will have a widget pop out which you can review the accounts you want to post to and your content on one last time before scheduling. If you are ready to schedule, click "Save & Schedule"

  • You can choose to post now or schedule it for later. Once you've chosen your option, click Schedule to finalize the post(s).

  • To see posts you've scheduled go back to Posts from the Social Media menu options. On this page you will be able see posts that are scheduled, in draft, or have already been posted to social media.

  • You can view analytics for your posts performance and if you want some information on where to view the captured social media analytics, please check out the Social Media analytics help center article.

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