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Social Media Integrations

How to set up Social Media integrations Connect LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Post to Social Media with GlassHive

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Complete the social media integrations to take the first step to start posting to your social media accounts from GlassHive.
Looking to integrate Instagram? See About The Instagram Integration. There are a couple prerequisites for this one that the article addresses!

  • To connect your social media accounts, you'll first need to click on the "Marketing" Category then select "Social Media".

  • From there, select "Accounts." This will take you to a page where you can manage your social media integrations.

  • On the Accounts page, you'll see options to connect to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Select the platform you want to integrate with, and click "Connect."

  • Once you're met with the connection widget, the next step is to click "Next" and then simply follow the prompts of the integration. GlassHive and the platform you're integrating with will walk you through the process of connecting your social media account.

  • When you're all set with your integration, you'll be able to manage the integrations your social accounts from the Accounts page as well.

  • If you don't want to delete your account and you just want to temporarily disable any of your social media accounts and keep your data, you can choose to do so.

  • Once your social media integrations are in place, you can start posting! Check out the articles Social Media templates and Social Media posting to learn more about the resources you have to manage your social media accounts from GlassHive.

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