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Using Social Media Templates

Utilize pre-made social media templates Use GlassHive content for Social Media marketing

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Social Media templates are a new feature that does not have auto-branding yet like the rest of the content in GlassHive. The auto-branding feature for social media content is on the way!

If you have yet to integrate your social media accounts with GlassHive, please check out the article Social Media integrations.

  • First, click the "Marketing" icon in the nav bar. Then select "Social Media".

  • Next, click "Post Templates" from the menu.

  • Once you're on the Templates page, you can choose to see templates that you've created, ones included with your subscription, or shared (from linked Vendors or Agencies).

  • Preview a template by clicking the preview thumbnail.

  • There can be pre-written copy and a photo or video included with the template.

  • Once you've found a template you want to use, hover over the template option and then expand the drop down menu that appears to the left of it. You choose to add the template to "My Templates" or you can create a post right from there.

  • For guidance on creating a social media post, check out the article Social Media posting in our help center.

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