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Overview of Table views

We've developed a few new features for contact tables that will improve your experience

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Having an organized view of your contacts is important to many sales professionals. With these new features from GlassHive, it makes it easier than ever to view, organize and edit your contacts all in one view.

Add views

You're now able to add multiple lists of contacts into different window views. You can organize contacts by categories most important to your strategy.

1. Click on "Contacts", click on "Add view"

2. Name the view

3. Add filters, hide/show columns, select pinned columns, or select an icon

Edit in-line

Now you have the ability to edit different fields in the contact table rather than having to click on the contact's profile.

1.Click on "Contacts", hover over the contact field you want to edit

2. Click on the pencil icon, make edits to that field

3.Click off the contact to save edits

Pin columns

You can pin important columns to stay in the same view as you scroll.

1.Click on "Contacts", select fields to pin

2. Click on "Save new view"

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