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Create, Edit, and Delete Opportunities
Create, Edit, and Delete Opportunities

How can I create, edit, and delete an Opportunity? How do I create, edit, and delete an Opportunity Type?

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Creating an Opportunity

  1. Go to the contact's profile page by clicking on the contact's name. Click on "Add Opportunity"

2. Fill in the fields and select "Save Opportunity"


Create a name that represents the opportunity that is being reported


Types are used to create a new Opportunity Type.  What is an Opportunity Type? It is the name of the service you sale, product, upgrades, etc... If you are syncing to your PSA, use the same naming conventions.

You can add opportunity type by clicking on the "Manage Opportunity Types"


This is the section that the user indicates if the opportunity is in Progress, Won, or Lost.

Price Type

Indicate whether the opportunity is a "fixed bid", "per hour", "per month", or "per year" charge. Include the amount of hours, months, years if the Price Type is per hour, per month, or per year.

  1. e.g. Project - fixed bid

  2. e.g. Recurring services - per month, per year

  3. e.g. Consultation services - per hour


The salesperson that created this opportunity will automatically be selected. However, if you are not the sales person, you can select the sales person who will be responsible for closing the opportunity. Once a salesperson is saved to an opportunity, they will be unable to be changed.

Editing or Deleting an Opportunity

  1. Go to contact's profile page. Select the Opportunity that you want to edit. Click on the three-dots on the top right corner of the Opportunity that you want to edit, then click on "Edit". 

2. Make changes to your opportunity and Click on "Save Opportunity" or select "Delete"

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