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Contact Management Best Practices

Get in depth knowledge on how to navigate contact management in GlassHive

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Contact Management in GlassHive is robust and user-friendly, with countless options to customize the way your contacts are managed.

  • To access your contacts, first click on the "Contacts" icon.

  • You'll see the Contacts menu pop up where you can access contacts or (companies) in different areas of GlassHive.

  • Each page tables with the same functionality, which allow for heavy customization.

  • It's important to note that contacts will only show under the "Leads" and "Qualified Leads" pages under specified circumstances. See further in this article to understand how contacts end up under those pages.

  • It all starts with Lists. Contacts live in Lists, and can belong to as many lists as you want them to. Click on the "Lists" option to pull up the Lists menu.

  • On the Lists menu, you'll see an option to go into the Lists page, where all the custom lists you've created are, and you'll also see options to go into the Default Lists in GlassHive which are , "Contacts w/o Lists", "Unsubscribed", and "Bounced".

  • Contacts will be found under "Contacts w/o Lists" if they simply were never added to a list, manually removed from a list, or if they bounced and the system automatically removed them.

  • Contacts will automatically be moved into "Unsubscribed" if they unsubscribe on their own or if they are manually unsubscribed.

  • Contacts will automatically be moved into "Bounced" if the system detects a bounced emails from them.

  • Under "Lists" is where you will find your index of custom made Lists (or lists created from a integration/contact import).

  • The toggle next to specify if the contacts that are in there are considered leads. Having this toggle on will allow contacts that belong to the list to show under the "Leads" and "Qualified Leads" pages.

  • See this article to find out more about what makes contacts "Leads" and "Qualified Leads".

  • You can access your contacts by going into each respective list, or by going to All Contacts, Leads, Qualified leas, Company profile pages.

  • Contact tables will all have the same functionality and allow you to customize your tables by rearranging columns, hiding/showing fields, sort, and filter. When any changes are made to tables, those changes will save to the View you're on.

  • You can take action on that contacts you see here by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting one of the actions.

  • If you don't see a field you're looking for, you can add Custom Fields to your contacts (and companies). When you add a custom field for contacts, all contacts will now have that field available for usage.

  • If you want take action on multiple contacts by selecting whole pages or contacts individually.

  • When you select multiple contacts, you now have the ability do Bulk Actions and the Bulk Actions menu will pop up at the top of the contacts table.

  • As mentioned earlier, when changes are made to the tables, the changes will save to the View you're on. You can create as many Views as you want for seamless visibility.

  • As an example of a different page with the same table customization functions, let's look at the "Companies" page.

  • On this page, you create Views and do the same things you did on the Contacts table to customize your Views.

  • To access contacts from a company profile, select the company who's profile you want to view.

  • Once on the company profile, you will have access to the same table functionalities as before with the contacts, but these tables do not offer Views nor do they save for later use. Select a contact to see their profile.

  • On a Contact profile, you'll be able to do many of the same things you were able to do on the Contact tables, plus some. Some things you can do here are that you couldn't do on the contact tables are, send to PSA, open/edit opportunities, and expand activities.

  • If you even want to add a new Contact, Company, List, etc., the quickest way to do this is to click the "Quick Add" button on the top right and select your desired option from the menu that pops up.

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