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Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
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Marketing development funds are a resource that a Vendor grants to its indirect sales channel partners to help the channel with sales and marketing programs. The fund may be monetary or content-based. Marketers within channel partner companies use market development funds to support a range of initiatives.

To request MDF your account will need to be linked to a Vendor you work with, from there you will not only have access to MDF but also any marketing/sales content the Vendor has provided their partners. To learn more about finding Vendor content click here:

  • Once the account has been linked to a Vendor, you can now request MDF.

  • To do this, click on the Vendors Icon on the lefthand purple bar within GlassHive.

  • Once the Vendors section is selected, click on the bottom menu item, MDF

  • After clicking on MDF, three options will appear: Dashboard, MDF Management, and Request MDF.

The Dashboard:

  • Will display your funds requested pipeline

  • POP (Proof Of Performance) Deadlines

  • As well as any Pending MDF Requests

MDF Management:

  • This will allow you to track all MDF requests and associated details as well as allowing you to track what stage of request they are in.

Request MDF:

  • This will allow you to directly request MDF from any of your associated Vendors.

  • To apply for MDF locate a Vendor that has MDF funds available and select "Apply for MDF"

  • After selecting, you will be met with the Vendors Guidelines and Requirements to apply for MDF.

  • If you meet the Eligibility Requirements select "I acknowledge I have read the Guidelines and Requirements" and then select "Next Step"

  • You will then be met with the Required Information Form to apply for MDF. Specifically what the activity your applying for, total cost, how much MDF you are requesting, as well as other required fields.

  • After completing the form and selecting "Next" you will be able to review your submission to ensure all fields are correctly filled out.

  • Upon assuring all fields are field out correctly, you will select "Submit" to submit the MDF request to your Vendor.

  • After submitting you, will be met with a confirmation of your request.

  • From here you will be able monitor the progress of your submission on the MDF Management Tab under Pending Requests.

  • GlassHive will then notify you if the Vendor decides to allocate funds.

  • Once your Request has been fielded by the Vendor they may approve you for your MDF or a portion of it. Upon this action of the Vendor your request will then be moved from the status of "Pending" to "Funds Allocated"

  • After funds have been allocated to your project, go to the MDF Dashboard and under POP Deadlines you will see your MDF request as well as your POP Submission from the Vendor.

  • In order to receive your MDF funds you will need to submit the POP the vendor is requiring. You will also see how many days you have before the fund expires.

  • To do this select "Submit POP"

  • After selecting "Submit POP" you will be able to submit the required documentation.

  • Upon completion the POP is sent back to the Vendor in order for them to either accept or deny.

  • You will again be notified of the Vendors decision.

  • If your POP is accepted, under the MDF Management tab you will see your request moved to "Funds Pending Payment"

  • At this point it is up the the Vendor to reach out and provide the funds to your company.

  • After the delivery of funds, your request will then be moved into the final stage of "Funds Paid" where you will receive funds.

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