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Click Rate
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Your click rate is a valuable tool in measuring the performance of emails sent to recipients. It measures how good the content is at engaging the recipient to click on a link. You want to aim for a 2.5% click rate or better.

As an example, suppose you have 1000 recipients of an email, where 200 open up the email. Then of the 200, 10 recipients click a link in the email. Then you would have a click rate of 10 clicks divided by 200 opens, aka 5% click rate.

How do I improve my click rate?

  • Write relevant content
    The recipient opened up your email based off the subject line. Ensure the content and link are relevant to the subject. Keep your content to the point and provide a reason the recipient would want to click on the link.

  • Avoid too many images
    Many mailbox providers, especially business-centric, will block images by default. Avoid using images that would be required to understand the messaging. Too many images can also affect the load time of the email. Recipients have a short attention span.

  • Maintain a good sending frequency
    Being consistent with your marketing allows recipients to get used to your tempo. Let them know how often you plan on sending them emails. Avoid sending more than one email a week to any recipient, unless they are transactional emails.

  • Segment and personalize your content
    While you can create emails that appeal to everyone, it is better to understand your list and what content they are interested in. Segment lists by vertical, seat size, etc. and then create content specifically for those segments. This content will resonate stronger than more generalized messaging.

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