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Email Health Reports In GlassHive
Email Health Reports In GlassHive

Easily see the success of your email campaigns all in one view.

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Emails are a huge part of your sales and marketing strategy. But if you’re not tracking important KPIs, then how do you know if your emails are successful. Email health reports in GlassHive takes that ambiguity out of the picture. You’re able to view analytics that will help you determine how well your email marketing strategy is doing over the past 30 days or the lifetime of your account.

What is email health?

There are a few different aspects to look at when analyzing your email health.

Email Reputation

This is a score based on your bounce rate, open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate to give you a quick indication of how well your emails are performing.

  • Good: 90% or more

  • Okay: 70% - 90%

  • Bad: 70% or less

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of emails that were rejected by the recipient's mail server.

  • Good: 0% - 1%

  • Okay: 1% - 2%

  • Bad: 2% or more

Open Rate

Open rate refers to the percentage of emails that were opened from those that received the email.

  • Good: 10% or more

  • Okay: 5% - 10%

  • Bad: 0% - 5%

Click Rate

Click rate refers to the percentage of emails where a link was clicked from those that were opened.

  • Good: 2.5% or more

  • Okay: 1.25% - 2.5%

  • Bad: 0% - 1.25%

Unsubscribe Rate

Unsubscribe rate refers to the percentage of delivered emails where the recipient unsubscribed.

  • Good: 0% - 0.2%

  • Okay: 0.2% - 0.5%

  • Bad: 0.5% or more

Why is email health important?

Just like it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s equally as important for your email campaigns. Email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. determine email reputation score based on how your subscribers interact with your emails. When your score is higher, your emails are more likely to be delivered to inboxes. And the opposite occurs when having a lower score. These KPIs give you valuable insight into determining if it’s time to readjust your strategy, clean up lists, or evaluate the type of content you're producing in order to achieve a higher reputation score.

How to find your email health report in GlassHive

  1. Start by logging in to your GlassHive account. On the left hand side, click on the “Reports” icon.

2. Click on “Email health”, scroll down and see more information.

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