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Open Rate
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Your open rate is a standard measurement when determining the performance of your emails. It measures a recipient's initial interest in the email based off the subject line. You want to aim for a 10% open rate or better.

As an example, suppose you have 1000 delivered emails, where 200 open up the email. Then you would have an open rate of 200 opens divided by 1000 delivered emails, aka 20% open rate.

How do I improve my open rate?

  • Provide value
    When sending emails to recipients, the best way to keep them engaged and opening your emails is to give them a good reason. Providing value like helpful tips is a great way to keep recipients opening.

  • Choose the right time
    Everyone has a preferred time that they skim their email throughout the day. Sending email when most of your recipients would be checking their email is a good way of increasing engagement. We recommend Wednesday at 10AM.

  • A/B Test
    There is no way your messaging will engage everyone the same way. Using A/B testing to try different design and content strategies can ensure that you make the most of each campaign you send out.

  • Segment and personalize
    While a generic message may capture decent interest across the board, when you target direct pain points, the engagement is much stronger. Try segmenting your lists by vertical, personal interests, or size to hone in on direct messaging.

  • Keep your lists up-to-date
    Things change. People leave their job. Email addresses get abandoned. Interests are dropped. Periodically clean up your lists so you're only keeping people that are engaging in your marketing. Mailbox providers will ding you for consistently sending email to dead or unresponsive inboxes.

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