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Unsubscribe Rate
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An unsubscribe is when a recipient has expressed that they no longer wish to receive marketing from you. While in general, you want to avoid recipients unsubscribing too much, it isn't necessarily bad to have unsubscribes. Some people lose interest over time, so it's better that they get removed from your list, rather than your rates suffering because of inactivity. Your unsubscribe rate is how many recipients unsubscribed out of all delivered emails.

How can I improve my Unsubscribe rate?

  • Opt-in your lists
    The most engaged recipients are those that requested your marketing. Avoid buying lists and only send to recipients that opt-in.

  • Monitor your frequency
    Too many emails, a recipient will get frustrated. Too little and they'll forget who you are. We recommend at least sending a recipient one email a month, and no more than one email a week.

  • Provide value
    When sending emails to recipients, the best way to keep them engaged is to give them a good reason. Providing value like helpful tips is a great way to keep recipients interested.

  • Segment and personalize
    While a generic message may capture decent interest across the board, when you target direct pain points, the engagement is much stronger. Try segmenting your lists by vertical, personal interests, or size to hone in on direct messaging.

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