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Landing Page Domain Setup

How do I set up the domain for landing pages?

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A landing page is a page users lands on when they’re visiting your website or directed from an email. The domain is your landing page's internet address. Set up your landing page domain to ensure maximize your landing page's purpose and goal.

Setting up your domain for your To set up the domain for your landing pages, go to Marketing > Landing Pages > Domain.

Click on "Add New Domain"

Choose what type of domain you want to use.

  • GlassHive Domain- an easy set up where all you have to do is enter a sub domain, click Next and then your domain is created and ready to use.

  • Custom Domain- this is ideal for most users since it uses your own domain.

    - Enter your subdomain, brand domain, top-level domain

- In the next step, add the CNAME created where you manage your domain and DNS. Once you've added the CNAME and when you want the link to go live, your system will do a quick security verification.

Once complete, go back over to GlassHive to "Validate". At times it may be immediate or it may take up to 10 mins for validation to go through.

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