The Marketing Dashboard could only be viewed by the Super Admin, the Sales Admin, and the Marketer. 

1.  "Total Leads" is based on all the contacts that are part of a marketable list, have a score greater than zero, and have not unsubscribed. 

Sometimes you will have more than one lead for the same company and the "Total Company Leads" helps breakdown the amount of possible proposals that could be created based on your total leads. 

The "Total Form Submission" will show the amount of forms that get submitted through your website. Watch this video as a guide to setup Form Integration

The "Total Video Plays" will display the number of times that your videos have been viewed. Watch this video as a guide to setup your Wistia Integration


Hover over and click the arrow at the top right to see where the Total Aggregate Data is coming from

Monthly Lead Quota - you will be able to see how many leads you have on a monthly basis and whether or not you have met or exceeded your monthly quota. Watch this video as a guide to setup your monthly quota

Possible New Monthly Revenue, Total Monthly Meetings, Total Monthly Opportunities, and Total Monthly Wins are estimates based on the number of leads you have for the current month and your conversion rates.

To view a different Month, Use this drop down feature

You will also be able to view your website analytics if you do the Google Analytics integration. You will be able to view the general website analytics, device analytics, and traffic sources analytics.  Watch this video as a guide for setting up your Google Analytics website. 

You can view how successful each of your campaigns have been. You will know exactly how many opens, clicks, and unsubscribes you have based on the number of recipients included in each campaign.

If you scroll down, all your Form Submissions will be visible here. They will automatically be classified as a hot lead. You will be able to implement forms that are consultations, newsletters, surveys, PPC, livestream, resource request, and Google AdWords

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