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Marketing Reports & How To Export Them
Marketing Reports & How To Export Them
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A marketing report is a document that includes marketing data from different platforms that shows the performance results of your marketing strategy. The purpose of your marketing report is to understand whether the marketing strategies you currently use are going in the right direction and to further improve them

  • To export Marketing Reports select "Reports" > "Marketing Reports"

  • There are 5 different reporting options: Overall Marketing Reports, Qualified Leads Report, Campaigns Report, Form Submission Report, and Website Analytics Report.

*NOTE* The following reports with the exception of the Overall report, are all exportable via PDF/Excel they can also be narrowed down into smaller time periods or expanded using the calendar in the top right corner.

  • Overall Marketing Report: This combines all of the following reports into one exportable PDF or Excel File.

  • Qualified Leads Report: Allows the user to view the qualified leads generated as well as who they are.

  • Campaigns Report: This will be a high level overview of how well your campaigns are performing as well as your click/open/unsubscribe rates.

  • Form Submission Report: Provides an overview of who is filling our forms and where they came from.

  • Website Analytics Report: Gives the user a high level overview of your website traffic.

To learn how to schedule these reports click "How To Schedule Reports"

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