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How can I view all the Opportunities that are in Progress, Won, or Lost?

1 . Click on "Opportunities" under the Sales Dashboard

2. Select the "Filter" icon.

To view all opportunities that are In Progress select "Status - is - In Progress" or "Status - isn't defined".

To view all opportunities that are won select "Won"

To view all opportunities that are lost select "Lost"

How can I find all the opportunities for a Contact or Company? 

There are several different options you can do in order to track the opportunities for one contact. 

  1. Use the "Search Opportunities" tool bar to look for a contact within the opportunities page or a Company

Hide/Show Fields

  1. Select "Hide/Show Columns"  

If you choose to hide any columns, move the knob to the left to select off. All the columns that are being currently shown have the knob to the right with a green bar.

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