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Vendor Marketplace
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Though the Vendor Marketplace you can find new and existing partners for you to interact with! Apply to get sales and marketing content from Vendors to bring out the best your business can be.

Once you are connected to a Vendor via the marketplace you will also have access to request MDF. To learn more about how to apply for MDF click here: Vendor MDF

  • To access the Vendor Marketplace select the "Vendors" category.

  • Once selected you will be able to view all the Vendors that GlassHive is currently partnered with.

  • From here you can pick and choose what Vendors you would like to partner with.

(NOTE) There is not a limit to the amount of Vendors you can partner with inside of GlassHive.

  • To apply to become partnered with a Vendor select the "Learn More" button at the bottom of the Vendor card.

  • After selecting "Learn More" you will access the Vendors partner portal. From here you can view featured content, resources, and apply/manage your partnership.

  • In the upper right corner of the page select "Become a Partner"

  • You will be met with a form to complete to apply for your partnership.

  • Once the form is completed the Vendor will review and let you know of their decision on your application, they will also notify you of any requirements to be apart of their programs.

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