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Adding Contacts To A Live Journey
Adding Contacts To A Live Journey
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There are several ways to add contacts to a Live Journey, those being: Adding individual contacts, adding contacts to a list, or adding a list to a Journey. These will be covered below in order.

  • To add an individual contact to a Live Journey select the "Contacts" tab and locate the designated contact.

  • Once the contact has been located use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to locate the contact table category "Add to journey" once selected this will allow the user to insert the contact into any Live Journeys.

  • You can also add a contact to a Live Journey via the contacts profile. On the contacts table select the contacts name to access the contacts profile.

  • Inside of the contacts profile scroll down the page to the "Journeys" categories. Again, from here you can add the contact to a Live Journey.

  • The next method of adding a contact to a Live Journey is adding the contact to a list that is attached to a journey. Anytime a list is associated to a journey anyone added to the list will automatically be placed in the journey.

  • Once a contact has been located on the contact tables use the scroll bar to locate the table category called "Lists", once selected this will allow the user to add a contact to any list. As long as the list selected is associated with a journey the contact will automatically be added into the journey.

  • Again, there is a secondary way of adding a contact to a list. From the contact tables access the contact profile. Once inside of the contacts profile locate the "Lists" category. After selecting the user will be able to add a contact to a list.

  • The last method will allow the user to add an entire list of contacts to a Live Journey. After the user has created and added desired contacts to a list they can then add the entire list into a journey.

  • Select the "Automations" tab from the nav bar then "Journeys". Locate the journey you would like to add your list to and select "Go to Designer."

  • Once inside of the journey, disable the journey. This will effectively pause the journey and will not cause any issues with the flow with contacts ongoing in the journey. Then hover over the "Subscriber Joins List" step select the edit button and this will allow you to add a list to the journey.

  • After the list has been added, you will need to enable the journey. To pick up where the journey left off when disabled select the check box next to "Would you like the contacts already in your selected list(s) to be added to this journey?" and set the journey to start "Now". Once selected the new contacts will be loaded into the Journey.

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